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The general structure will be as follow:

. two seminars in the morning, describing the state of the art of specific steps of neuroimaging based research;
. application-oriented short lectures followed by hands on sessions in the afternoon; some of them parallel for focus on EEG or fMRI.

The program is reversed for Monday.

The seminars will be held in Auditorium 1, ground floor of the main Psychology building (2, Henri Dunantlaan).

The hands on sessions will take place in PC Room 1 (Data Analysis department, across the street) and PC Room 2 (1st floor, main Psychology building). The division will be communicated shortly.

These sessions will be constituted of 45min lectures followed by about 2 hours of practical sessions with exercises based on generic data and feedback and 1 hour Q&A relating to own data when applicable.

Day 1 (April 14th): Experimental Design

Morning session





Welcome, Auditorium 1


PC Room 1 – Daniele Marinazzo, Data Analysis, UGent

"EEG preprocessing and interactions in time and frequency"


PC Room 2 - Roma Siugzdaite, Medisip, UGent

"fMRI preprocessing and functional connectivity” SLIDES

Afternoon session



Neuroskeptic, Discover magazine, UK
"Ban The Blob - Why Statistical Thresholding Is The Bane of Neuroimaging?" VIDEO, start after 5 minutes & SLIDES


Erno Hermans, Donders Institute, NL
"Design and analysis of functional MRI experiments" VIDEO & SLIDES


Day 2 (April 15th): Localization of activity

Morning session



Hans Hallez, Medisip, UGent

"Activity localization in EEG" VIDEO & SLIDES


Jan Derrfuss, University of Nottingham, UK

"Activity localization in fMRI" VIDEO & SLIDES

Afternoon session



PC Room 1 - Gregor Strobbe and Pieter van Mierlo, Medisip, UGent

"EEG source localization" SLIDES

PC Room 2 - Peter Kok, Donders Institute, NL

" fMRI: Roi analyses, localisers, mapping tools "SLIDES

Day 3 (April 16th): Connectivity

Morning session



Guido Nolte, Hamburg

"Artifacts of volume conduction in brain connectivity analysis from EEG and MEG data" VIDEO & SLIDES



Alard Roebroeck, University of Maastricht, NL

"Causal modeling of fMRI: temporal precedence and spatial exploration" VIDEO & SLIDES

Afternoon session



PC Room 1 - Daniele Marinazzo, Data Analysis UGent

"Granger causality for fMRI" + "Elements of Graph theory" SLIDES

PC Room 2 - Fabrizio de Vico Fallani, CRICM, UPMC/INSERM Paris

"Graphs in EEG functional connectivity" SLIDES & Matlab script

Day 4 (April 17th): Pattern Classification

Morning session



Hans Op de Beeck, KU Leuven

"Multi-voxel pattern analysis in fMRI" VIDEO & SLIDES


Moritz Grosse Wentrup, Tuebingen, DE

" EEG/MEG classification and brain-computer interfacing " VIDEO & SLIDES

Afternoon session



PC Room 1 - Ruth Seurinck – Roma Siugzdaite, Data Analysis, UGent

"Pattern classification in fMRI" SLIDES

PC Room 2 - Peter-Jan Kindermans, Thibault Verhoeven, Reservoir Lab, UGent

"Pattern classification in EEG" SLIDES

Day 5 (April 18th): Emerging techniques

Morning session



William Alexander, Experimental Psychology, UGent

"Model-based fMRI analysis" VIDEO & SLIDES


Gilles Pourtois, Clinical Psychology, UGent

"Micro-state analysis of EEG" VIDEO & SLIDES


Ruth Krebs, Experimental Psychology, UGent

"EEG/fMRI integration" VIDEO & SLIDES

Afternoon session



PC Room 1 – Principles of Dynamic Causal Modeling – Margarita Papadopoulou, DA, Ugent SLIDES


General Q&A session: students discuss remaining questions regarding the sessions
and regarding their own data. This session is supervised by the local instructors.


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