Centrum voor StatistiekSymposium: Causal Mediation Analysis
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The Center for Statistics - Ghent University organizes the symposium:

'Causal Mediation Analysis'

Date and location

January 28-29, 2013
Het Pand, Gent, Belgium


This meeting aims to bridge the gap between traditional mediation analysis and state-of-the-art causal mediation analysis.

Baron and Kenny's (1986) procedures for determining if an independent variable affects a dependent variable through some mediator are so well known (>18000 citations in Web of Science) that they are used by authors and requested by reviewers almost reflexively. While the technical literature on causal inference has raised and addressed some of the limitations of Baron and Kenny's approach, this literature has not diffused that much yet to practicing researchers.

The objective of this symposium is to introduce the Baron and Kenny approach for mediation analysis and some of its extensions (for example, in longitudinal or multilevel settings) on the first day. The second day will focus on the causal interpretation of the mediation effect (based on the mediation formula and the potential outcome framework, for example), clarify the assumptions under which the Baron and Kenny estimated effects are causal, and demonstrate how novel insights from counterfactual-based mediation analysis can help to overcome some of the limitations of the classical approach.

Target audience

Mediation analysis is applied on a wide scale by psychologists, sociologists and epidemiologists. Unfortunately, the simplicity of the methods that are currently applied does not always match the complexity of realistic data structures. Recent developments in the causal inference literature have made much progress in terms of providing general methods for effect decomposition and solutions for dealing with complex confounding patterns. This symposium aims to discuss some of these developments between methodological researchers and to bring them to the wider research community.

International Keynote Speakers

David Kenny (University of Connecticut, US) David Kenny
David MacKinnon (Arizona State University, US) David MacKinnon
Vanessa Didelez (University of Bristol, UK) Vanessa Didelez
Tyler VanderWeele (Harvard University, US) Tyler VanderWeele
Richard Emsley (University of Manchester, UK) Richard Emsley

Scientific committee

* Beatrijs Moerkerke (Ghent University)
* Tom Loeys (Ghent University)
* Yves Rosseel (Ghent University)
* Stijn Vansteelandt (Ghent University)
* Tomasz Burzykowski (Hasselt University)
* Francis Tuerlinckx (University of Leuven)

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