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The main conference will take place at the KVAB in Brussels, see "Venue".

Program Thursday December 1th 2016

09:00Registration and coffee
09:25Welcome and introduction
09:30Randy McIntosh (Baycrest Unstitute)
"Modeling and Measuring Flows between Cognitive Processes"
10:10Andreas Daffertshofer (University of Amsterdam)
"Scale-freeness or partial synchronization in neural mass phase oscillator networks: pick one of two?"
10:50Coffee break
11:20Esther Florin (Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf)
"Spontaneous brain activity in healthy subjects and Parkinson's disease"
12:00Marcus Kaiser (University of Newcastle)
"Connectomes and Epilepsy: Dynamical models of focus location, treatment options, and surgery outcome"
14:00Enzo Tagliazucchi (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience)
"Dynamic connectivity states track vigilance changes during rest"
14:40Petra Ritter (Charité Hospital Berlin)
"Reverse engineering multi-scale processes underlying altered learning across life span"
15:20Mukesh Dhamala (Georgia State University)
"High-frequency network oscillations in epilepsy"
16:00Coffee break
16:30Lucilla de Arcangelis (Second University of Naples)
"On the nature of correlations in the brain"
17:10Gustavo Deco (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)
"Towards a Whole-Brain Model: Lessons from the Human Connectome"
18h00Poster reception and dinner. Click HERE for an overview of posters and poster numbers.

Program Friday December 2th 2016

09:30Dante Mantini (KU Leuven)
"A multimodal approach to the study of long-range functional interactions in the resting human brain"
10:10Tobias Donner (University Medical Center Hamburg)
"State-dependent Modulation of Cortical Decision Computations"
10:50Coffee break
11:20Francesco de Pasquale (University of Chieti)
"A Dynamic Core Mode and Global Efficiency in the Resting Human Brain"
12:00Adeel Razi (University College London, UK)
"Dynamic causal models of the connected brain"
14:00Steven Laureys (Coma science Group, University of Liège)
"Brain activity in coma and related states"
14:40Laura Astolfi (University of Rome)
"Connectivity analysis based on high density EEG recordings: application to motor and cognitive tasks in humans"
15:20Dimitri Van de Ville (EPFL and University of Geneva)
"The intricate web of intrinsic brain activity uncovered by dynamics of resting-state fMRI"
16:00Coffee break
16:30Franca Tecchio (National Research Council of Italy)
"Brain neuronal activity to personalize neuromodulation therapeutic interventions"
17:10 Olaf Sporns (University of Indiana)
"From Spatial Components to Temporal Flows and Dynamics"
18h00Closing and goodbye

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